Working Papers

With the assistance of leading academic institutions, the Platt Retail Institute publishes groundbreaking industry research related to in-store marketing and digital communications networks. These include a series of Working Papers and other studies that measure and detail the impact of digital communications networks and validate the efficacy of digital signage as a formidable, versatile communications medium. PRI Working Papers may be downloaded for free with registration. PRI publishes a variety of Research Articles, which also are free to download following registration.

Working Paper #9
Quantifiable Benefits and Analytical Application of RFID Data

Working Paper #8
Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education

Working Paper #7
A Determination of the Revenue Potential From Digital Screen Advertising at a Major League Baseball Stadium

Working Paper #6
Test Results From a Bank Branch Digital Communications Network

Working Paper #5
Impacting the Customer Experience at a Bank Branch Through a Digital Communications Network

Working Paper #4
Deployment and Test of a Retail Digital Communications Network by the United States Postal Service

Working Paper #3
Leveraging the Impact of Retail Digital Signage Advertising Through Behavioral Merchandising

Working Paper #2
Establishing Retail Digital Signage as a New Medium and Measuring Its Effectiveness

Working Paper #1
Implications for Retail Adoption of Digital Signage Systems