Quantifiable Benefits and Analytical Applications of RFID Data

Summary: In this webinar, landmark research will be presented on the most detailed data ever released publicly on the impact of RFID technology. Working with data supplied by Macy’s, the research findings will aid both retailers and vendors in understanding the benefits associated with RFID by presenting use cases that illustrate both qualitative and quantitative benefits, as well as introducing new data applications that considers RFID and other retail data sets to produce new and unique insights.

Presenters: Manik Aryapadi is Principal, Strategy and Operation, in A. T. Kearney’s Retail practice with experience in Digital Transformation and Strategic Operational initiatives. Steven Keith Platt is Director and Research Fellow at the Platt Retail Institute (PRI). He also serves as the Research Director at the Retail Analytics Council, an initiative between the Medill School, Integrated Marketing Communications department, Northwestern University and PRI.

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The Evolution & Acceptance of Programmatic Advertising

From personalized messaging and RFID tags to demographic parameters, the work of Alvin Toffler and all relevant subject matter in between, Partner/Chief Operating Officer at Billups Rick Robinson and Platt Retail Institute’s Director of Global Marketing & Communications Margot Myers discuss the future of programmatic advertising by expanding on their answers to a previous Digital Signage Expo “Ask the Board” question.

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In-Store Digital Signage You Can Hang Your Hat On

Nebraska Furniture Mart has always focused on unmatchable prices, top-notch customer service and memorable guest experiences. When they decided to open a new store in Texas, they were aware of the challenges of introducing a brand rich in heritage to a new market, as well as the challenges that come with using in-store digital media technologies to design an intimate and personalized shopping experience in a 560,000-square-foot retail store. Digital Signage Connection and PRI presented this webinar, moderated by PRI’s Director of Global Communications and Marketing Margot Myers. The panelists are Lee Summers, marketing technology manager for Nebraska Furniture Mart, and Matt Schmitt, president and chief innovation and strategy officer at Reflect. They discuss how they addressed the challenges they faced and describe the digital technology experiences that are part of the new Nebraska Furniture Mart store.

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Driving Store Sales by Leveraging Location-Based Analytics

Advances in in-store digital technology are enabling retailers to inexpensively accumulate a treasure trove of customer data. Insights extracted from this data can be used to increase sales, enhance the shopping experience, reduce operating costs, and become the foundation for next-generation proximity marketing campaigns. Implementing location-based technologies, aggregating and analyzing the data, as well as practical tips to ensure success when using these insights, will be the focus of this event.

PRI and RIS News presented this webinar, moderated by Joe Skorupa, Editorial Director, RIS News. Panelists included: Steven Keith Platt, Director, PRI, and Research Director, Retail Analytics Council, Northwestern University and Carl Ceresoli, Senior Director, Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy, Microsoft Retail Stores.

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Marketing to Today’s Omni-Channel Consumer

Successful marketing today requires communicating a seamless, consistent brand experience to customers across both physical and digital channels, powered by the technologies that deliver on omni-channel commerce. To leverage consumers increasing control over the buying process, marketers now have access to technologies that provide a unified view of customers, together with sophisticated targeting and personalization capabilities.

PRI Director and Research Fellow Steven Keith Platt joined Rick Chavie, Vice President, Omni-Commerce, hybris software, and Paul Price, CEO, Creative Realities, for this webinar presented by PRI and the American Marketing Association.

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Monetizing DOOH Networks – Business Models for Converting Ad Inventory to Money

Digital out-of-home, or place-based media, is becoming an accepted and desired form of communication between advertisers and their potential customers.  In this webinar, PRI Director and Research Fellow Steven Keith Platt joins Graeme Spicer, General Manager of Digital Media at NEC Display Solutions North America, to discuss how to reach consumers in various contexts and environments throughout their day.

The State of the Digital Signage Industry: A Short Look Back & A Longer Look Forward

As the Digital Signage Federation kicked off its 2012 webinar series, PRI Director and Research Fellow Steven Keith Platt and Director of Education and Training Margot Myers, presented a webinar to review the state of the industry.  Myers presented results of the Q4 2011 PRI-DSF North American Digital Signage Index and discussed some of the driving forces and key trends currently impacting the industry.  Platt presented a perspective on business analytics as the foundation for a singular customer perspective and also talked about the use of digital marketing systems.  Listen to the webinar.