Test Results From a Bank Branch Digital Communications Network

Working Paper #6


Steven Keith Platt, Platt Retail Institute; and Dr. Jean-Charles Chebat, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Montreal, Canada.


In this Working Paper, PRI tested and analyzed the impact on consumer attitudes and behavior resulting from exposure to a Digital Communication Network (DCN). The objective is to provide detailed analytics relating to consumer response to a DCN-delivered message stimulus. This was accomplished by gauging impact and awareness, benchmarking the customer bank branch experience, measuring the influence on branch productivity, and tracking changes in select product/service revenue/transactional activity.

The underlying research is the most detailed ever conducted to measure the consumer response to a DCN. The test lasted 90 days and involved 10 bank branches (five test, five control). It included two separate waves of exit interviews involving 750 individuals. Thirty-eight digital cameras were installed in the branches, and recorded 17,000 hours of video analyzing the behavior of 85,000 customers. In addition, the test bank provided an extensive amount of primary data.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
    1. Investigative Stage
      1. The Retail Bank Branch Experience
      2. History of the Target Bank’s Digital Communications Network
    2. Research Objectives and Test Design
      1. Background
      2. Test Site Selection
      3. Test Content
    3. Data Set Summary
    4. Analytic Modeling and Outcomes
      1. Observations
      2. Test Outcomes:
        1. DCN Impact and Awareness
        2. Customer Bank Experience
        3. Bank Productivity
        4. Product/Service Awareness and Revenue/Transactional Activity
  3. Conclusion


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