There is a tremendous demand in the retail industry for AI solutions. This demand is magnified by a lack of data scientists focused on the retail industry and subject matter experts with the experience to help manage and guide the process. To address this need, has assembled a team of industry experts and data scientists that are focused on retail labor optimization and supply chain improvement. is at the forefront of developing analytic solutions for retailers. This includes need and data assessments, the creation of deployment strategies, devising models and building platforms, and creating actionable user interfaces, among other things. also licenses a range of rapidly deployable retail AI models to improve store operations, including:

  1. Store Traffic Prediction.
  2. Store/Warehouse Labor Optimization.
  3. Demand/Inventory Planning.
  4. Localized Merchandise Assortment.
  5. Optimal Stock Replenishment Configuration.


PRI works with major retailers to educate them about the value of store-based analytics, build repeatable metrics models, and provide actionable insights. PRI will also provide staff to work with retailers on implementing these insights.