PRI designs and executes custom research studies on behalf of its clients. Operating as an independent consulting and research firm since 2001, PRI delivers the impartial business analyses and strategies required by organizations considering improvements to their customer experience and operations. Examples include: measuring the accuracy and reliability of in-store Wi-Fi for consumer monitoring; detailing the costs, benefits, and market potential of a new store technology; and a study of the benefits of deploying RFID to measure inventory accuracy and optimize online fulfilment, among many others.

PRI manages the entire research process including:

  • Defining issues and determining research objectives.
  • Research design and execution, including accumulating both primary and secondary data. Primary data research includes observations, focus groups, surveys, behavioral and experimental design.
  • Analyzing and reporting.

Unique Qualifications:

  • PRI has conducted many large-scale primary research projects.
  • We are highly scalable with a great talent pool.
  • We are creative in finding value drivers, creating test methodologies, and quantifying data and reporting.
  • We provide actionable feedback.
  • We are an independent firm with a respected reputation for integrity.