Frank Rehme

Frank Rehme, Platt Retail Institute

Frank Rehme

Frank Rehme is the Director, German Operations for the Platt Retail Institute. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in the retail industry. Most recently, he led retail innovation and the Future Store project for METRO GROUP of Germany, the fourth largest retailer in the world. Currently, he also serves as the CEO of gmvteam GmbH, providing management services in the areas of innovation and retail concept development, as well as neuromarketing.

Working in a trading group with worldwide operations, his activities are focused on how consumers will shop in the future. He is working on meeting the challenges of retail in the 21st century with innovative concepts.

Trends and changes in society are his passion, supported by a constant curiosity about people and social structures. He also is actively involved in the NGO foundation, “Culture for Children.”

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