Establishing Retail Digital Signage as a New Medium and Measuring its Effectiveness

Working Paper #2


Steven Keith Platt, Platt Retail Institute; Francis J. Mulhern, Associate Dean, Department of Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University; and Guy Vaughan, Director, Retail Marketing Services and Director, POPAI UK/Ireland and Head of Research.


This Working Paper addresses whether Retail Digital Signage is capable of having a measurable impact upon consumer shopping behavior to substantiate its inclusion in the marketing mix. This is significant for the following reasons:

  1. Measurements of the results from marketing spending have generally failed to keep pace with technology and,
  2. Consumer purchase decisions are, to a significant extent, made in-store.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
    1. Overview
    2. Antecedent Considerations
      1. Fragmentation of Mass Media
      2. Impact Upon Consumer Buying Behavior
    3. Retail Digital Signage as a New Marketing Medium
      1. Elimination of the Time-Lag between Consumer Message Exposure and the Place of Purchase
      2. Direct Correlation between Message and Sales Impact
      3. Enhancing the In-Store Marketing Environment
    4. Retail Digital Signage Testing Methodologies
    5. Testing Model Applied to a Convenience Store Chain and Results Achieved from the Digital Signage Deployment
    6. Testing Model Applied to a Grocery Store Chain and Results Achieved from the Digital Signage Deployment
  3. Conclusions


DMX Music, Activelight, Convergent Media Systems, GFX Dynamics, NEC Display Solutions, Scala, POPAI, the JC Penney Retail Center at Southern Methodist University, and the University of Florida Retail Center for Education and Research.