A Determination of the Revenue Potential From Digital Screen Advertising at a Major League Baseball Stadium

Working Paper #7


The Platt Retail Institute undertook a study to determine the potential revenue that can be generated from the installation and operation of seven large digital screens around Wrigley Field, a baseball stadium located in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Our methodology encompassed two approaches. The first is a market-based approach that considers advertising revenue derived from digital screens installed at comparable Major League Baseball stadiums. The second is a value-based approach, which assigns a value to an in-park sign that is seen during the broadcast of a baseball game by a television audience.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Methodology
  3. Revenue Models
    1. Comparable MLB Stadiums
    2. Media Value
  4. Exhibits
    1. Comparable MLB Stadiums’ Digital Screen Asset Summary
    2. Comparable MLB Stadiums’ Digital Screens and Advertising Rates
    3. Potential for Increased Attendance at Wrigley Field
    4. Proposed Digital Screen Placement at Wrigley Field