PRI’s consulting practice is focused on bringing digital technologies to stores and analyzing data to enhance the customer experience and improve store operations. We work with retailers and technology companies to deploy technology, aggregate data, build analytic models, and recommend actionable insights to be implemented throughout the organization. PRI’s consultants are uniquely qualified in both their global and large-firm experience, and we are determined to bring the best global thinkers to bear for the benefit of our clients.

Representative consulting projects include:

  • Designing a large-scale retail analytic machine learning production platform.
  • Integrating online and in-store data for marketing personalization.
  • Customer-facing technology.
  • Retail segment analysis.
  • Marketing strategy and implementation.
  • In-store media content positioning and integration.
  • Research relating to: blockchain applications; robotic assessments (including intelligent process automation); voice commerce; and RFID.