Technology Innovations Showcase

The PRI Technology Innovations Showcase features unique products and services offered by PRI Members and other companies.



We currently power over 300,000 digital screens in over 30,000 locations. Our vast history of success, across a diverse portfolio of leading retail brands and companies, is built around our exclusive ReflectView™ platform – It’s powerful, proven and infinitely scalable with the flexibility to support diverse digital media experiences including kiosks, interactive product displays and mobile devices.





Intel® Retail Solutions

Retail solutions that deliver converged customer experiences.

Today’s retail landscape bears little resemblance to the traditional model. New channels and emerging technologies present retailers with innumerable new challenges, and mean that shoppers are more informed and engaged. Seamless, secure Intel-based retail solutions deliver the intelligence needed to break through in this new dynamic, without breaking budgets. From real-time inventory management to optimizing brands across channels, we’re helping businesses create the kinds of richer, more personalized consumer engagement that drives customer loyalty, and can translate into profits. Because we understand that the more intelligent the solution, the more amazing the experiences—in store, online or on a mobile device. Solve your retail challenges with our exclusive Solution Blueprints, available at Follow us on Twitter at @RetailerInsight and visit our mobile site at

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What is NEC 4K UHD? NEC is in the unique position of offering a portfolio of display products that support both the 4K and UHD resolutions. What do you expect from a 4K UHD Display or Projector?

  • More visual workspace
  • Displayed images that remain constant from different viewing angles
  • Accurate, consistent, and controlled colors
  • Pixel-free viewing
  • Compatibility with the latest input sources
  • Long uninterrupted operating times

The portfolio of NEC 4K UHD displays has been meticulously developed to fulfill these requirements with a richness of detail, precise and controlled color reproduction, flexible connectivity, and a guarantee of giving state-of-the-art technology with investment and future-proof security.

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This is not about Small, it is about Smart

Smart Screen is an all-in-one solution for the Digital Signage world, including an LCD display, a content player and an audience measurement system. It’s the latest product of DS Digital Screens (Venco). It has been developed by Digital Screens and Trumedia and it’s easy to install and perfect to work in retail. SmartScreen is a smart 10.1” screen, the first in the world to enable content management and digital signage networks with an integrated audience measurement. Also, it broadcasts in high resolution.

For all these reasons, SmartScreen is probably the best digital signage tool in the world, since it can measure and recognize the audience through a facial recognition system, and deliver a customized message to the customer in real time. SmartScreen captures audience images with a high-resolution, wide dynamic range digital camera sensor, detects the viewers’ faces and tracks them to yield accurate audience counts with gaze time and dwell time data. Video classification algorithms determine the viewers’ gender and age group. According to that determination, an attractive and appropriate message is displayed for each target at the moment of purchase because dynamic content generation is automatic. For this reason, it has a high percentage of investment return.

The media player supports various media formats and industry standards as well.

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