Rose Haft

Rose Haft started work on her first virtual reality headset while still in high school, building them for advanced military operations. Since then, she has worked on various different aspects of augmented and virtual reality technology, ranging from software and computer vision to hardware and optical design. Rose has also worked on a variety of health, human need and human interaction projects that have given her a basis and understanding for how augmented and virtual reality can help to improve the human condition through advanced and wearable computer interactions. She also developed the optical system and hardware design for a $100 AR headset that was more powerful than Google Glass in early 2013, when no one else had a headset on the market.

Rose started Lumenora in June 2016 after researching how to use AR and VR to detect cancer in early stages, and how it can be used to further prevent deaths from cancer. She earned a BS in Physics from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and has studied optical engineering, robotics, and biology at the graduate level.

Session Title

Robot and Retail AI Panel Presentations