Research and Event Sponsorships

With the assistance of leading academic institutions, the Platt Retail Institute publishes groundbreaking industry research related to in-store marketing and digital communications networks. These are published as either Working Papers or Research Articles. In addition, PRI seeks funding for other unique projects.

Sponsorship of PRI research offers a variety of benefits. These include establishing the sponsor as an industry thought leader, creating various promotional opportunities, and enabling the sponsors’ association with the leading research and consulting firm in the field.

Current sponsorship opportunities include:

PRI’s Journal of Retail Analytics (published quarterly)

Working Papers and Research Articles

Working Paper and Research Article sponsorship benefits can be customized, but generally include the following:

  • The right to distribute copies of the research.
  • PRI will present the research on behalf of the Sponsor.
  • In the front of the Working Paper or Research Article, a description of the Sponsor’s firm and a firm logo will be presented.
  • On PRI’s website detailing the research, the Sponsor will be noted and its logo will be listed.
  • Leads from downloads on the PRI website will be provided to sponsors.

Please contact PRI for information about sponsorship opportunities.