Platt Retail Institute Membership

In today’s challenging business environment, businesses need every possible competitive advantage. Get that added dimension of insight by becoming a member of the Platt Retail Institute. As a PRI member, your firm is connected to PRI’s international range of clients and contacts for all-important leads and introductions. Gain access to PRI’s wealth of industry information and perspective, and have the opportunity to participate in leading industry thought via PRI’s prestigious Journal of Retail Analytics. And your firm will be actively promoted in various e-mails, on our website, and in our publications.

Other benefits include:

  • Your Company’s Logo on the home page of PRI’s Website and on the Members’ Landing Page: Your company will have a rotating banner ad prominently displayed on the home page of our website. Your section of the PRI Members page includes your logo, your company description, and buttons allowing viewers to see up to two case studies that you provide, as well as a link to your website and an email button for communication with your firm.
  • Innovations Page Ad: Your company will be entitled to a complimentary ad in the Technology Innovations Showcase on the PRI website. This is a perfect opportunity to promote a new product or service your firm is offering.
  • Your Company’s Name listed in the Journal of Retail Analytics: The leading source of research and insight in the industry, PRI’s Journal of Retail Analytics is distributed to more than 8,500 retailers and decision-makers globally each quarter.
  • Publish Articles: Your Company is invited to submit articles for publication and/or to participate in panel discussions to be featured in the Journal of Retail Analytics. Your firm may also be profiled in the Journal.
  • Speaking Opportunities: You may be offered the opportunity to moderate a panel or present at either a PRI-sponsored event such as the PRI Digital Retail Forum at Digital Signage Expo or another industry event. This may be an opportunity to showcase a project along with one or more of your clients.
  • PRI Research Releases and Mass Communications: During the year, PRI releases research and communicates other activities to its distribution list of more than 8,500 retailers and decision-makers. PRI member firms are noted on these releases.
  • Accessibility: Access PRI staff for lead generation, general questions, input, introductions, etc. Support for our member firms has included, for example, securing speaking opportunities, introductions to potential clients and joint venture partners, assisting in client presentations, webinar participation, compiling background information on potential clients and hires, writing sponsored research articles, developing training programs for sales staff, etc. etc.

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