Digital Signage

PRI is the acknowledged global leader in consulting and research in the digital signage industry. PRI advises major North American and European Union institutions on the strategy, management, measurement, and deployment of digital signage networks. PRI is the only firm that can provide consulting, research, and implementation services with a proven track record of success. PRI clients and sponsors include: Advance Auto Parts, AT&T, Cisco, DIRECTV, Harris Bank, Harrods (UK), IBM, IMTV (Russia), Intel, Kroger, Lexmark, Media-Saturn (Germany), Microsoft, Monopoly Media (Romania), NEC Display Solutions, Nike, Rogers Communications (Canada), Sprint, The Venetian, Tyco, and the United States Postal Service, among many others.

Services include:

  • Developing a digital signage network and implementation strategy.
  • Working with and representing clients to ensure the most cost-effective deployment solutions.
  • Design of management structure.
  • Content strategy and execution.
  • Test and results research.