Andra Keay

Andra Keay is Managing Director and Founder of Silicon Valley Robotics, the leading non-profit robotics cluster. Andra is an expert in aligning the multidisciplinary stakeholders required in a high tech innovation cluster and speaks regularly on the growing business of AI, robotics, and the ethical issues that emerge.

Silicon Valley Robotics is the leading non-profit robotics cluster, with more than 75 percent of the world’s robotics startups as members. The process of commercializing innovation is at the heart of Silicon Valley Robotics. We take the best ecosystem practices from Silicon Valley’s history of innovation (transistors, computers, mobile, internet) and apply it to the emerging industries of robotics and AI. The lessons learned here can be applied globally, and SVR partners with many global organizations to develop ecosystems, to teach innovation practices, to provide a landing pad for visiting companies and to make connections with robotics and AI startups and investors.


Session Title

Global Retail Perspective – Applications and Trends Panel